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Lawyer Orhan ÖNAL & Partners
Consultancy and Legal Services in Turkey

    ÖNAL Law Ofice serves to domestic and foreign clients in many areas of the law in accordance with professional ethics based on honesty and mutual trust policy. Our offices, lawyers and consultants are located in İZMİR and İSTANBUL

    Our main services are Commercial Law, Company Law, Business Law, Heritage Law ( law of succession ), Family Law, Real Estate Law and Criminal Law.

    ''When performing our duty we are not subordinate to anyone, not our client, not the judge and certainly not the authorities. We maintain no claim on the possessions of those below us. We recognise no hierarchical superior. There's no difference between him who has seniority and him who doesn't or him who has established a name for himself. Throughout history lawyers have never kept slaves nor recognised masters.''(Molierac)

    If you have questions and/or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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